We Needed a Service Contract for Our AC Unit

When I took over the management of an office complex, I was surprised that there was not a lot that I had to do. The former manager was actually on top of her game in all areas but one. I looked to see if she had any HVAC service contracts in Manhattan NY but there were none on file. I knew that this was not a good business practice because one of the most important things for productivity is comfort. If people are not comfortable, they are not going to produce nearly as well.

I know this from experience from working in offices that have had faulty heating or air conditioning units. It just makes a person really tired and less productive, so I wanted to get a service contract set up with an HVAC company as soon as possible. I looked at several different ones in the area, and I was most impressed with the one that Air Repair was offering. What I liked the best was that we would be able to customize the service contract in whichever way would be most beneficial to us, and I really appreciated that since it meant we would not be paying for parts of it that we would never use.

I set our service contract up for bi-monthly maintenance checks. During these checks, filters and belts are replaced if they need it, and everything is inspected from the fan and condensers to the electrical portion of the AC unit. If anything is wrong during any of the inspections, then troubleshooting will take place. This ensures that we should never be hit with a surprise that will knock us on our feet as far as productivity is concerned. The cost of having this service contract is reasonable too, which was another deciding factor for this company!

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