We Are Finally Done with the Project

Of course this is one of the biggest projects that I have ever been involved with, as I have not been with the firm for that long. The project was really huge, with 846 residential units in two 26 storey buildings. It is really a stunning sight, with all of those seaside residences in Siglap. In fact the building of them all was a huge endeavor, but now you have to try to sell all of them. It is going to be just as big of a job. They have a lot of real estate agents who are on the job and nearly all of them are attractive young women. I was the one who was given the job of showing them the buildings and I enjoyed it a lot. I could see how this could be a really good strategy, one which I know is used by a lot of people in sales. If the buyer is a man, then he is going to be highly susceptible to just about any tactic used by a woman who is this attractive.

At any rate it is probable that I am going to take a vacation now. We do not have any work for me right now and it has been over a year since I got any time off. So long as a project is on line there is not going to be much of a chance for me to relax, that just is how it is. I do not usually even get to take the entire weekend off, because they are going to make sure that it stays on track. If you do not work really hard, then you fall behind and that is something I am supposed to make sure does not happen. So if I want time off this is it.

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