Through the Roof and into the Attic

Different kinds of animals scurry across my roof all the time, and normally I think nothing of it. Animals exist on this planet, just like people do, and our habitats are bound to cross paths with theirs. Over the years, all of those animals congregating on my roof caused it to become damaged to the point where there were spots where the shingles had holes in them. These holes can let everything in that can fit, from water to small insects. When I realized the problem, I called for roof replacement in Brooklyn NY. I also had to take a trip to the attic to see what might have gotten inside the holes.

I prepared for the trip to the attic as if I was going to explore a cave on some alien planet. I put on a jumpsuit with a flashlight mounted to my head. I had a breathing mask, just in case the air was full of dust or mold. I even attached a camera to my chest to record the whole experience. As I looked around the attic, I saw some spider webs in the corners. The spiders seemed to be able to find a decent meal in the darkness of the attic. Under the spots where the holes were, there was a little bit of darkness, which made be believe that mold was starting to grow. I felt something crawl on my neck while examining the dark spots, and I screamed and ran to the exit. I brushed myself off and found nothing on me.

The roof company put new shingles and material over the holes in my roof. They examined my attic from the inside to make sure that the roof work was completely done. When they went into the attic, they didn’t use any special suits or masks, and just walked around as if nothing was there.

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