They Sent Me to Babysit the Boss

Everyone knew right away that Donnie and Las Vegas could be a very bad combination. He is a pretty good boss in spite of his penchant for the wild life, although no one really depends on him for anything to be honest. His dad left him a terrific organization and a whole lot of money aside from the main company. In fact he is actually good at selling and in spite of spending the entire time with an ebony Las Vegas girl, we managed to accomplish everything that we wanted to get done. He and that girl ditched me pretty quick and I was never sure whether he would show up for any of the meetings. One time the two primaries ditched the underlings. They made the deal without us and then told us to work out the details without them. I figured out later that they had made a side deal. The ebony goddess was being paid to hang out with Donnie by the other guy and we were paying for this Russian blonde who spent the weekend with him.

I am sure the accountants are going to be incredulous and they shall indubitably wail and cry that the IRS is going to crucify us all. If we had come away empty handed I would see their point, but Donnie got his job done extremely well. I suppose he shall have to spend more time at the country club to reward himself. I was waiting by the plane for two hours and thirty minutes before he finally showed up. He was still wearing a hotel bathrobe and he had an ice pack on top of his head. He whispered at the pilot to fly quietly and then he started to snore before we even got off of the ground. I left the plane without waking him up.

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