The Quietest Place I’ve Ever Lived

I found a community website that ended up solving all my apartment living problems. It’s funny that a simple mouse click online led to the best place I have ever lived. It is funny how things like that happen. My problem with apartment living stems from my job. I work as a nurse four days a week, and nurses work weird hours and long shifts. The only thing I want to do after completing another twelve hour shift is to come home and rest. It turns out that at many places, finding some peace and quiet is a very difficult thing to do.

I tried to avoid the obvious party places, but I still usually had problems with noise. Most of the apartments I lived in had poor sound buffering, which meant that I could easily hear the patter of toddler feet in the unit above. I could also hear loud television sets, doors banging shut, and traffic into and out of the complex. Sleeping with ear plugs isn’t an option for obvious reasons, so what often happened is that I just didn’t get the rest I needed. That is not good when you’re exhausted while taking care of sick patients.

When I moved into my new digs, I couldn’t believe how quiet it was! I came home the first day and could hear someone’s loud television out in the hallway, but once I went into my apartment I couldn’t hear anything except blissful quiet. Amazing! The first week I lived here I couldn’t believe how well rested I felt when I woke up. Apparently, one of their amenities is an effective sound proofing and I can say it really works well. Heck, I saw someone moving in and dragging huge pieces of furniture up the stairs, but I couldn’t hear it in my apartment! This place is the best!

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