On Opposite Sides of the Apartment

The reason my best friend and I are so close is because we see each other just enough to not get on one another’s nerves. We both know that if we spent all our waking moments together, we would not be able to tolerate each other as well as we do. That is why I got so excited and had to show her a website that I had been looking at for a while. The site is for Woodbridge Apartments, and I really felt like this was the answer to prayer.

We both had our own apartments at the time, but we were not really making it. We had talked about getting a two bedroom together, but none of fhe ones we had found were good for the two of us. We needed one where the bedrooms were not right next to each other, and we also needed one where we each had our own bathroom. You would think that would be easy to find, but it was not until I looked at this site. We had only looked at apartments that were currently available, and the two bedroom Cottonwood floor plan became available not long ago.

When you first walk into the apartment, the dining room and living room are right in the middle. The kitchen is off to the side of the dining room, and there is a nice patio off of the living room. There is even a storage closet on the patio. To one side of the common area is one bedroom and bath, and mine is on the other side. The washer and dryer is by my bedroom, but we never have a problem with sharing it. Since we moved in together, we are both able to save a lot more money since we are sharing costs. We also have grown a lot closer, even though we are on opposite sides of the apartment!

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