On My Way to South Carolina

I got out of college about a year ago and things have been going pretty nicely for me so far, but right now the boss is about to move me down to South Carolina. In fact it is not really that far from here, I am living on the North side of Charlotte right now and I am working pretty close to the place where I am working. At any rate if you click here then you can see the place where I am going to get an apartment in a town that is near Greenville SC. I have already started to try to figure out what it is going to take for me to get me and my stuff down there. I am going to figure out what it is going to cost to get a rental truck and how hard it is going to be to do that. Of course a lot of the things I have are not going to get in the truck by my power alone. It is going to be necessary to find some guy to help me.

I figure that is going to be pretty easy, although the guy I am talking about is probably going to want me to buy him beer. He is the son of a woman who lives down the hall and the young man is about thirty pounds bigger than me. It is going to be more like me helping him. He is about seventeen or eighteen years old and if I offer him a little money I am pretty sure he is going to take it. When I was that age a couple of twenties would have gotten me to do this sort of thing. So it is just a question of how much it shall cost.

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