My Daughter’s Unconventional Pool Party

When you have four kids under the age of ten, you really learn to roll with the punches. I have two sons and twin daughters, and they are all quite adventurous. My husband and I decided early on that he would work and I would stay home and raise the kids. I have learned a lot of things about my own abilities, but there are still sometimes I need to call in a specialist for something. Not that long ago, I had to find an emergency plumbing company in New Jersey because one of my daughters decided she wanted her small baby dolls to take a bath in the toilet.

I was not aware of this until she had already started their pool party, so I just put on my gloves and fished them out when I investigated why she was being so quiet. I was able to get all of the dolls out, but she had shoved some of the accessories too far down. When she could not get them out, she flushed a few times, thinking that would help get them back to the surface. The logic of a child!

I told the kids that bathroom was off limits until the plumber came out. They all wanted to watch him work his magic in getting the toilet unclogged but I spared him from that. He was able to use a snake to get the doll accessories unclogged, and it was actually a quick process. I was not sure if he was going to have to do something major because the toilet was clogged pretty good. The price was reasonable, and I sat down with the kids for a long talk about why toilets are off limits for pool parties for dolls, army men, and anything else they may want to stick in their in the future!

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