Managing Home Disasters That Involve the Insurance Company and an Anxious Husband

My husband gets a bit nervous when things happen. I have become the voice of reason in our family. He used to make split-second decisions that were always right. Now things get to him. We were sitting and watching a movie on DVD. A storm was raging outside and the satellite TV lost signal. We heard a big crunch followed by a crash. The huge maple tree in the front yard fell over. It looked like something out of a movie. The twisted roots were sticking up, and the place that does tree removal in Long Island told us that it missed the house and garage by inches. We could not even get up to the front of the house or garage because of the tree branches.

My husband was worried about the house, the roof, the garage and the insurance. I reminded him that we lowered our deductible last year, so it was not going to be a major hit on our budget. We could weather this storm too. I was really happy that the company that does tree removal in Long Island really cleaned up from all the cutting of the fallen tree. They had the hole filled in and grass planted too. There was hardly any sign of what had happened. Anxiety is best weathered when there are not constant reminders.

We still notice the tree being gone even though the grass has all grown back where it once stood. We talked about planting a smaller decorative tree in it s spot. One that would not grow as tall or as wide. We decided on a Japanese maple. Both of us like the fall color, and it will not grow too big if we care for it. Neither of us can figure out why he gets so anxious about things, but I imagine it has to do with our job volatility and our bills.

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