Learning to Let Go Was the Best Thing I Could Do

I fully credit my personal assistant and the Algorhythm SEO work I had done on saving my business that was previously a sinking ship. I had to get serious if I didn’t want to end up closing the doors for good, and it worked to save it just in the nick of time. I had been so disorganized and frazzled for about a year because I was trying to handle too many things myself. Doing that meant that I couldn’t concentrate on any one thing for very long, and that does not allow you to do your best at what you really should be doing. I am a bit of a control freak, and that’s okay if you’re controlling things correctly, but I wasn’t doing it correctly at all.

My wife takes care of a lot of things in our home and with our new baby, and she does it all very well. But she can’t handle taking care of the baby and the inside of our home while also spending 3 hours mowing our back and front lawn, too. I pay someone to come and do that. And if we invite people over to the house for the holidays, she can’t take care of all that she needs to and cook and clean for 15 guests either. I order catering service to handle that. So, this is the tactic that I should have taken with my own company, but I just let my incorrect thoughts get the best of me at first instead.

It was my assistant who pointed out that I needed to let go of more things and delegate better. She knew that there were many things that I would not even allow her to do because I felt that I was the only person who could do those things correctly. Yet, she has a degree and knows what she is doing. I just didn’t give her the chance to do a lot of things I needed to get done. So, she also pointed out that I needed to get some serious help with my website, and she pushed me to do it.

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