It is Really Bad when the Professional Drivers Are Texting and Driving

People drive like maniacs now. I chalk it up to complete lack of respect for other people. There is no accountability for caring what happens to another person. I suppose this is what we get raising several generations of privileged kids who think the world is inherently safe and the “old folks” do not know what they are talking about. I would have never thought that a good driver like my sister would ever need to hire a top car accident attorney in Sacramento to help her get a settlement for injuries sustained in a wreck.

She was the victim of a person who was texting and driving. Not only was the man texting, he was doing it inside a commercial vehicle while driving with a commercial driver’s license. You would think he would know better. Sure, people are under pressure to answer bosses and spouses on the spur of the moment no matter where they find themselves. If it is that urgent, there are automated response and voice-prompted response systems to use. You do not need to take your eyes off of the road to answer or even initiate a text.

Also, what about the old-fashioned phone call. Try that while driving instead of trying to read and type. I can press a button on the steering wheel of my car and make a phone call. I can also use that button to make my phone send a text simply using voice prompts. There is no excuse for someone driving to even have a phone in their hands. My sister needs money to replace her lost income for life and to send her children to school. Her husband is struggling to earn enough just to keep up the mortgage payments. All of this because a guy thought he would disobey the law and fool with his phone while driving a truck for a business.

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