I Wanted to Stay, So I Did

A trip to Las Vegas with friend had an unexpected effect on me. I expected to go to Vegas, have a little fun, and then leave and go on about my regular life. This didn’t go as I planned, as I became in love with the place. I didn’t want to leave and go back to my boring home and my boring life. Because of this vacation trip, I made arrangements to move into the Bloom Apartments in Vegas and transfer to a job in the city. It was a bold move, but I wanted to do it because I loved everything about Las Vegas.

My friends were sad that I would no longer be living close to them, but sometimes people have to say goodbye. I told them they could always come visit me, but they said that they probably wouldn’t be taking any vacations for a while because they had to clear some off days. I can understand that. My job only allows me to have so many off days at a time, and if I use them all in the year, then I have to wait until the next year to get some more. They just don’t want the employees taking off days all the time.

Since moving to Vegas, I’m a happier person. I have a spring in my step wherever I go, and a smile on my face when I meet new people. I’ve gained some new friends out here and we hang out pretty often. When my friends back home come to visit me, I’ll introduce them to my new friends and we’ll have a big party. My new friends have taught me some things while living out here. I’ve learned how to play poker and play better during blackjack. I make more than I lose at the casinos.

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