I Just Started Looking for a House

I have just started on the process of exploring the market for real estate in Denver in search of a house that is right for me. Since I am a single man in my late twenties, it is pretty obvious that I am not in the market for a big house that would be suitable for a man with a family. In fact that is the opposite of what I want, because I am not interested in spending all of my weekend time keeping up a big house with a big yard. Instead I want something which is adequate for my needs, which are rather slight in terms of the space I need. I want a good kitchen and beyond that I just need a bedroom and a den where I can watch ball games. The truth is that my purposes are purely monetary, that is to say that I am looking for a house that is a good investment.

The easy way to do that would be if you bought a house that needed some work and then you fixed it up on your own. That is the smart thing to do if you have both the time for the labors and the ability to carry them out. I could do a lot of things, but I am not really interested in that. In fact I am thinking about how to get around doing things. For instance if the house needed to be painted, I would prefer to have vinyl siding installed instead. If the yard needed to be mowed, well I would try to eliminate as much of that as I could. However I am thinking that the sort of house I want and can afford will not have too much grass to mow. It would likely be possible to stand in one spot and mow a lot of it.

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