I Just Got to Singapore

At first I did not think that I was ever going to find a place that I could afford, but now I just lucked into a really great deal. I went to college with this guy and the two of us did a great deal of drinking and acting foolish. I knew that he had grown up, sobered up and become a successful Singapore app developer. I figured out how to get in touch with after trying the email that he used back then, apparently it was still good and by some miracle I still had it in my contacts. When I reached him he was not anywhere near Singapore and he is not going to be here for about two months. He was not sure in fact, it had something to do with a girl and he can seemingly do his work any place that he wants to do it. So he can travel any place where they have the internet and do his job.

I asked him if he knew anyone who could rent me a room, since that is all that I need. I am going to be based here, but the job requires me to go all over the area. I am going to Hanoi next week and after that I am going to some place in the southern part of China. I really can not remember how to spell it or much less how to say it. Then I shall come back here and then I will go some other place soon enough. My friend says that I can use his place until he gets back, although he told me that I should use the spare bedroom. In return he told me to take care of this bird, which I had to pick up from a pet store that had been keeping it.

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