I Have Been in Las Vegas

I was in Las Vegas for almost six months and I was quite happy there. I was working on a betting web sites for some guys out there and I got this great apartment while I was there. Of course I just work on my laptop and write code, so I did not go into an office. I never even needed to go there to start off. I could have done it back home, but obviously six months of living for free in Las Vegas was not bad. They got me an apartment which did not impress me that much at first. Then the next day I went out to lay beside the pool and work. Before I could bat my eyelashes there were a couple dozen beautiful girls in bikinis. A good number of them were hung over, but some of them started to drink beer at the crack of noon. I usually do not do that of course, but the one who offered me the beer was not the sort of girl I refuse.

Eventually I figured out that most of them were chorus girls and stuff of that sort. One of them was a magician’s assistant. They would all go into work at about 9PM and not come home until the sun was up. I ended up getting free tickets to see the one who was really interested in me. It turned out that I was the rebound guy, which did not bother me even a tiny little bit. She had been dumped by some rich guy. She had come out of it with a box filled with jewelry and a bunch of other gifts. At any rate I did not have any trouble closing the deal, although it was obvious from the first that she was unimpressed by my bank account.

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