I Had to Get Strict with Myself and Wise Up

I now try to do good with my spending so that I can buy nice things. It took me a few years to realize that I was blowing a lot of money on little things, which was keeping me from working toward the much nicer and bigger purchases that I wanted to make. I decided to check the website of a new apartment complex in town, and after seeing how nice it is, I vowed to stop wasting my money on stupid little things. I wanted to live in this new apartment complex, and I promised myself that I would make it happen.

The first step that I took in order to start saving was to take a good look at everything that I was spending on and being honest with myself. I sat down and listed out every single thing that I spend money on every single month. When I saw the total amount after adding it up, I was a little depressed. Wasting money makes no sense when you don’t even remember half of the things that you have even purchased. I have a place full of things, but my living space itself isn’t very nice. That needed to change. I also wanted a nicer car. So between wanting to move into the place that I had seen online and also wanting a new car, I was very strict with myself about cutting out unnecessary purchases.

It only took a year of following my budget and not buying silly things to save up quite a bit of money. I got a new car, and I was able to pay half of the cost up front. Next, I headed over to get a tour of the complex that I had promised myself that I would move into. I really had no interest in looking around as any other places. I wanted one of the apartments that I had been looking at and saving for, and I didn’t want my plan derailed by allowing myself to look at any places.

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