I Am Glad I Changed Dentists

I was not very happy with the dentist who had started practicing at the dental place I had been going to for years. Our personalities just did not mix well at all, and I knew that I was going to have to find a new dentist to go to. This didn’t exactly cause me any stress, because I didn’t feel close or particularly loyal to them. I asked a couple of my friends who the best dentist in Denver is, and they both told me that they go to Smile Essentials.

I went to their website to take a look, and I did like what I saw there. Just the recommendation of two good friends was enough, but I did want to get a better feel for this dental practice before making an appointment there. I have really nice teeth, but that is because I take good care of them. I have only had one cavity in my life, and I have never had to have braces or any other major dental work done. I know that I am blessed because my friends have all had to have a lot of work done.

I still wanted to have my twice a year cleanings as well as an examination though, because I would rather catch any potential problems before they even start. I made an appointment for three weeks out, and I was happy that I got a reminder call about it. That is something my other dentist never did. I went to the appointment, and it really did feel so different than what I had experienced for all those years. I was not treated like a number at all, and that really goes a long way. I had my cleaning and examination, and I was impressed with how personable the hygienist and the dentist both were. I got a clean bill of dental health, and now I am actually glad I changed dentists!

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