Finding One Dental Office That Could Do It All

You should pick your dentist like you pick your family doctor. When we moved, my wife and I were looking online to find a local dentist in the Denver, Colorado area. We found a website for a dentist that seemed perfect for us and the kids. We wanted a place that did it all. I did not want to go to one dentist only to be referred to another one if things such as braces were needed or an extraction was needed. That is one thing that drove me nuts at other dentists. I remember making an appointment to see a former dentist. I finally got in, and he said the tooth would have to come out. I told him to take it out, and he said that he does not do that and I would have to make an appointment with an oral surgeon. I asked him if he was not trained to take out teeth, and he said he was. So, that made even less sense.

This is why when we moved and were looking for a family dentist in the Denver, Colorado area that we picked one that could do all the dentistry we would ever need. I think some families have a dentist for the kids and a separate one for the parents. They may even have a separate one for the teenagers. There are dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists and more. I don’t really care what the letters are after the name, I just want an office where we can get it all done. It is okay to me to need to see a different dentist in the same office. What gets me is when you go for an appointment, and the doctor tells you that you have to see another dentist in another office in another building. This is tough on kids and adults who are already nervous when they go to see the dentist.

My wife and I wanted one place that would see us through fillings, braces and everything else. I was going to get an implant for an extraction I had to have a few months ago. It was all healed up, and that dentist told me I had to wait about six months for the bone to fill in at the area of the extraction before getting an implant. Well, I was now ready. We just needed one office that could do it all.

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