Deals from Time Warner Cable

I am up in my new apartment, and things are going pretty well, except I don’t have internet, and I can’t stand for that no more. I got to get something set up, and I am going to look at Time Warner Cable first, and see what their prices are looking like. I just reached the limit on my data for my phone and I can’t use it anymore as a hot spot, without facing a risk of getting charged for the extra data. I definitely am not about to let that happen, so I guess I will call the cable company, and see what the deal is.

I wish that I did not have to pay for cable and that I could just buy enough data from my phone company, but it does make sense in a lot of ways, and I might get some cable television too. I am not sure about that, because I have been watching a lot of streaming video lately, and I am not convinced that it makes sense for me to pay for television service too, but at the same time, I must admit that I miss having a television service at my house, and that there are a lot of shows that I miss out on, on account of the fact that I do not have any television hooked up at my house at this present moment. But at the same time, I am conflicted, so we will just have to see. But the internet is definitely going to have to get hooked up, because that is something that I use on a daily basis and I have a lot of reasons that I need to use the internet so often. It is a crucial part of my life to say the least.

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