Monthly Archives: November 2018

My Chiropractor Helped Me with My Back Pain

I had a lot of pain in my lower back. I thought that perhaps I had just pulled a muscle, so I was taking over the counter pain meds and using a heating pad as well. While the pain did not get worse, it was not getting any better either. I did not want to continue to take the meds if the pain was not the result of a temporary ailment. I knew I needed to find out what was going on, and I figured the only way to find out was looking into chiropractic pain relief.

I had seen a chiropractor one other time in my life, and the relief I got from that was incredible. It was not the same type of pain. I was in a car accident and developed an awful case of whiplash. Continue reading

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I Just Got to Singapore

At first I did not think that I was ever going to find a place that I could afford, but now I just lucked into a really great deal. I went to college with this guy and the two of us did a great deal of drinking and acting foolish. I knew that he had grown up, sobered up and become a successful Singapore app developer. I figured out how to get in touch with after trying the email that he used back then, apparently it was still good and by some miracle I still had it in my contacts. Continue reading

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An Anniversary for the Entire Family

Last month was a pretty good one for my family and I. We went to Singapore for a vacation, and rented a bus charter in Singapore to get around. We went there because my parents were celebrating their anniversary, and they wanted all of their kids and grand kids with them to enjoy the celebration. Most people would want to go on a romantic trip with only their spouse, but it was nice of my parents to want us to come along. I’m glad they did have us come, because it was a fun experience that I probably wouldn’t have normally done on my own.

My parents had never been to Singapore, and neither had any of us, but they already had some locations picked out to visit. Continue reading

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Fighting the Cold in Singapore

During my trip to Singapore, I became will with a cold. The last thing I wanted while I was experiencing my vacation was a cold that would nag me until I left. The coughing, the sniffling, the sneezing, and the nose blowing were all things that I didn’t want to have. I went to the store to get some cold medicine, but my traveling friend told me that I would be better off going to TCM in Singapore , as they would be able to give me a cold treatment that would be more effective than the stuff I could buy at the store.

My friend sounded so sure that this traditional treatment would help me get over my cold in the most effective way. Continue reading

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