An Apartment for the Two of Us

My daughter lives on campus at the college that she started going to last year. Though she is technically an adult now and on her own, there will always be a place for her wherever I am at. That is why I wanted to look only at two bedroom apartments when I decided to move closer to where I work. I found a site that said to click here for the best two bedroom apartments in the area, so I did. I was not sure if it was going to be legitimate or not, but that one click turned out to be how I found the apartment where I am now living.

Since I knew my daughter would only be home in the summer months as well as holidays, I did not feel it necessary to look at two bedroom apartments with two bathrooms. For the little bit of time she was going to be with me, I figured we could share a bathroom. I just did not want to get an apartment that was too big for me, since I would be the one living there on my own for the most part.

This apartment is really nice, and my daughter loves it too. She likes to so much that she actually comes home on some weekends now too, which is something she rarely did before. I suspect that is because of a young man that she enjoys visiting at the pool, though I know better than to mention it to her! Anyway, this is such a nice place to live, and I am just glad that I get to see my daughter a lot more often now. That I get to live in a very comfortable apartment in a safer part of town is just a nice bonus for me.

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