A New Apartment for Myself

A few friends knew that I was looking for a new apartment because I was just not happy with where I had been living anymore. I had only told a few people though because I didn’t want a lot of people trying to help me find a new place. That is just the kind of friends that I have! I told three of the closest friends I have, and one of them sent me a link to look at www.lyriclv.com. As soon as I clicked on it, I could see why she sent it to me.

The picture on the home page is absolutely gorgeous. The pool area is beautiful, and it looks so tropical too. I had heard of this apartment complex, but I had never been there so there was no way I would even know this gem existed in our town. I fell in love with the pool as soon as I saw it, and I also liked that they have a fitness center that is even better than the gym that I was paying a premium price for a membership there. I knew that a complex that had community amenities this nice had to have equally nice apartments, and I was not disappointed when I looked at the picture gallery as well as the floor plans.

I only needed a one bedroom apartment, and there were three different floor plans I was able to choose from. The rent was within just a hundred dollars or so of one another, so I looked at all three. I ended up taking the one that is the largest, and I have been so happy since I moved in here a couple of months ago. I know that I am going to be living here for a very long time to come!

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